How Do Crayon Rocks Work?

Crayon Rocks are designed a special needs school teacher named Barbara Lee, to teach children the correct pencil grip. Having worked with children for over 23 years, Barbara was searching for an effective writing tool to assist children with learning the correct pencil grip.  Being inspired by occupational therapist Jan Olsen and her Handwriting Without Tears program. Barbara learned how important it was for children to develop a strong tripod grip early in their education process — handwriting skills depend upon this. Seeing that a simple tool to develop these skills in young children wasn't readily available, Barbara set out to develop one. How do Crayon Rocks help kids? Since a child's first writing tool is usually a crayon, that crayon should be...

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8 Signs of a Poor Pencil Grip

Our dream, is to give every child the opportunity to write their own story. Being a company that specialises in assisting children to learn the correct pencil grip, we get asked by concerned parents every day “How do I tell if my child has an incorrect pencil grip?” and “How does an incorrect pencil grip affect my child’s learning?”. We’d like to share with you, a selection of telltale signs that your child may have an incorrect pencil grip. Knowing how to correctly identify the signs, may give you an insight into how you can improve your child’s love of writing and learning, by making a few small adjustments to their grip. When your child is next writing, quietly observe them and check for the below, which are the eight...

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