Ellena Bowl Pod Pack


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Ellena Bowl Pod Pack
Ellena Bowl Pod Pack

Limited Edition Rocks and Pods Collection - Ellena Bowl Pod Pack

Our "Ellena Bowl Pod Pack" comes with a bag of 16 Crayon Rocks and a beautifully unique, hand-carved wooden, segmented pod bowl.

Crayon Rocks were developed by special needs teacher Barbara Lee, to teach children the correct tripod grip for fine motor and early writing skills.

No matter which way your child holds their Crayon Rock, their fingers will be perfectly positioned in the tripod grip, strengthening finger muscles for early writing.

Crayon Rocks are also made from an all-natural soy wax from USA grown soybeans and coloured by mineral pigments.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 16 x individual crayon rocks per set, comes in a drawstring red velvet bag. 

Sixteen (16) of our summer colours: red, pink, blue, sky, green, grass, dark yellow, light yellow, orange, peach, purple, light purple, brown, tan, black, grey in a red velvet bag.

Choking Hazard: Suitable for children 3 + years and over, younger children MUST be supervised at all times. Crayon RocksTM are made in America from natural soy wax, using American-grown soybeans. Non-toxic and conforms to CPSIA and ASTM D 4236.


Ellena Bowl Pod Pack
Ellena Bowl Pod Pack

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