Everlasting Daisy Seeds


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Everlasting Daisy Seeds
Everlasting Daisy Seeds

Introduce your little one to the lifecycle of mother nature and plants, with the beautiful and joyous experience of growing their own Everlasting Daisies.

Everlastings or ‘paper daisies’ are pretty pink and white flowers with papery petals that grow naturally in Western and South Australia. Easy to grow, the seeds can be sown directly into garden beds to produce a meadow of blooms during warm, sunny conditions.

A gift and a card in one, this Gift of Seeds is embellished with stunning illustrations created by Daniella Germain.

-Made in Australia
-100% recycled paper
-Includes a tear away plant label to mark where your seeds are planted
-Comes with a recycled kraft envelope for mailing
-Plastic free

Variety: Rhodanthe chlorocephala subsp. rosea


Everlasting Daisy Seeds
Everlasting Daisy Seeds

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