Tree Horizontal Stacker


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Our Horizontal Tree Stacker is a simple yet beautiful product for toddlers to build on the skills learnt with our vertical stacker. 

Featuring beautiful natural rings made from recycled Acacia branches and finished with plant-based oil.  

Our Horizontal Tree Stacker stacker requires a change in hand movement, and different grip than the movements and grips learnt with our Vertical Tree Stacker.

These movements and grips are similar but require the child to take a different approach to placing the wooden discs on the rod.

Our Tree Stacker sets are excellent tools to develop hand to eye co-ordination, fine motor development and lateral / bi-lateral movements of the wrists. 

Description: Horizontal Tree Stacker comes with wooden base stand/rod, wooden rings in a beautiful reusable calico bag for storage. 10 × 10 × 15 cm