Our Story


Being the Australian and New Zealand distributors for Crayon Rocks has been an exciting journey.  We are a family business, a Mother and two daughters (from left, Sarah, Debbie and Jessie) who live in Brisbane.

Our journey started when my oldest daughter, Jessie,  tried Crayon Rocks with her young daughter, who was having trouble at school with her pencil grip. We loved them so much we contacted Barbara and asked for the distributorship.

We love the story of Crayon Rocks and the beautiful lady who created and makes them. The best part of the 'job' is receiving all the incredible stories and drawings from our Crayon Rock Champions everyday.  These are a testament to the changes Crayon Rocks can have on little peoples lives.

Our goals are simple, when you read the story of Lewis below, you will understand why we are passionate about making Crayon Rocks available to educators, therapist and families in Australia and New Zealand. 


Love, Debbie, Jessie and Sarah xx


Meet Our First Aussie Crayon Rocks Champion

This is Lewis.

"This is Lewis 6yrs. When Lewis was 3 he had a stroke that paralysed the right side of his body and also cerebral palsy. He now has to be lefty but it's not that easy to switch pencil grips and we have honestly tried everything. This is Lewis' 'Crayon Rocks rock!' face.

 These are absolutely the best thing ever for little hands that have difficulty with their pencil grip. Thanks so so much Crayon Rocks." Sarah, QLD

 In Lewis' words, "These Crayon Rocks ROCK!"